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This site is inspired by several very important things in my life - my children, my sister Judy, and my husband Peter.  Hi, I am Michelle K.

Growing up the oldest in a family of six with a full-time working mom meant that I did a lot of cooking from a very young age.  It was my job to feed everyone in the morning before school and to get dinner on the table at night.  I have been doing these things since I was in grade school (and trust me, that was a LONG time ago).  It took my sister Judy and my husband Peter to turn cooking from being a nutritional chore into a passionate desire to serve food that tastes great.

Judy was the first person I ever saw as a 'home cook' who served things that I would have sworn could only be done in a restaurant.  Going to Judy's house for a family get together, no matter how casual, was always a chance to eat some amazingly good bites.  Her ability to make even a simple meal of bread and salad be memorable was contagious.  It wasn't always that way -- I remember when she first graduated from college and we lived together having to eat some really horrible cooking lessons of hers.  But.  Those days are long gone now and I find her a constant source of advice and inspiration in the kitchen.  My hope is that she will also post to this site with her recipes as well, if she can find time in her hectic life to do so.

Peter is one of the most adventurous eaters I know.  He will try things at least once, despite their smell, texture, and appearance, if he knows that it was made with a lot of passion and commitment.  He really enjoys going out to eat as an adventure and due to this has introduced me to cuisine and flavors from around the world.  He is also a great sport, willing to let me experiment and be my #1 taste tester, giving advice and an honest thumbs up or down on whatever I am trying to figure out next.  He is able to combine this passion for food and new experiences with a level of support and cheering on that makes his constant phrase of "Honey, you could make this at home soooo easily!" something I now come to see as a compliment and challenge to live up to his expectations.  Peter is a very good cook in his own right and I will do my best to get him to share his recipes here too, or be his ghost writer.

And last, but not least, are my children.  My oldest is living on her own in her very own apartment.  Although I force her to eat at home once a week for Sunday dinner, I worry about her getting good food.  My next oldest is in college and also does a lot of cooking for himself.  Clearly, from a mom's point of view, these are eating disasters just waiting to happen!!  I am one of those cooks who never writes anything down so this is my attempt to pass on recipes, tips, advice and techniques that I hope they will be able to use.  I also hope that they add their own recipes and tips to this site as they develop their own cooking styles.