Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Seasonal Eats Sheet: May 2012

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I was exhausted trying to round up my own seasonal eating posts and getting them linked up each Friday without forgetting, so I have decided to change the format up a little bit.  I am going to see if having a link list going throughout the month makes it easier to come by and see what seasonal eating everyone has to share, and easier to link up when you remember to ... not just in a small one day window.  I think this longer and more relaxed posting time frame will help a lot.

You will find a list of seasonal ingredients for my area (Washington and Orgeon) for May here.  I hope it provides some inspiration for your own creations.  I am really excited about the new things showing up for my area this month like lingcod, sardines, pea vines, artichokes, bok choy - just to name a few.  I am glad to have more time with rhubarb and asparagus, too, I am not quite done getting all that I want put up for next year just yet.  I am so ready to welcome a new month.  Hurray for May!