Friday, April 6, 2012

Fresh Sheet Friday - April 6th Roundup

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Frozen rhubarb ready to use year round
Frozen rhubarb ready to use year round

I have been out of state for the last week.  I have returned to piles of Estate work and a mixture of bitter and sweet updates on how tasks are progressing.  With the passing of my Gram on March 21st her Estate items to be dealt with are now added to my Dad's Estate work I am responsible for.  I feel capable but full.  I have a friend who staunchly believes you are never given more than you can handle or given tasks that you cannot see through.  I don't fully agree with his point of view but I do hope that it means I can handle everything well and see it through in a way that meets both my Father's wishes and my Grandmother's.

It is nearly 2 p.m. my time and I have not had a chance to shout out to those that are eating seasonally and wish to share their links about it.  It's time!  Please go here to link in your recipe/blog/information for last week.  This month is a packed one for me with other commitments I must meet but that does not mean I am not interested in everything others have to share!  Please let me know what you are up to out there.

I wanted to give a hint on quick rhubarb storage for everyone, one of the seasonal items in abundance for me this month.  You can just trim the ends and then wash the stalks thoroughly, dice it up into about 1 inch sized pieces and freeze it.  I measure mine out by the cups when I freeze the rhubarb so I can grab however much I need and then incorporate it into recipes year round.  You want to let the washed stalks dry a bit so that you are not freezing in a lot of water.  Rhubarb will keep in the freezer easily for 12 months.

Happy seasonal eating!