Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fresh Sheet Fridays! April Roundup

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This is it!  The first month of focusing on seasonal recipes that are specifically tied to local ingredients.  Anyone who wishes to join in can!  Each Friday in April you will be able to return to this post and add in your link about the seasonal recipes you prepared.  For a complete explanation of how-to and rules and all that small print stuff, go here.

You may have noticed that I am posting this a day earlier than promised ... not on April 1st but instead on March 31st.  I will be traveling all day on April 1st and I really wanted this to be published and working before I left so here it is.

Each Friday starting at 12:01 AM (Pacific Standard Time) the appropriate list below will let you add your week's post link.  I look forward to all the great recipes everyone has to share!  I will also be posting everyone's work onto the Seasonal Eating:  Fresh Sheet Fridays Pinterest board.

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