Friday, February 24, 2012

Worms: The Urban Farm Handbook February Challenge

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Moving in day!
You may have noticed the badge on my site here for The Urban Farm Handbook Challenge.  Each month there will be a different set of tasks that deal with many distinct topics that will help us learn all about urban farming.  I think what I find so approachable about all of the goals of this handbook challenge year is that anyone, truly anyone, can do them.  From apartment dwellers to plantation sized spreads, each month provides a way for everyone to participate.

The challenge for February was all about soil building and had many great tasks that we were invited to do.  I was excited to see things like how to properly compost (it is harder than you would think), how to mix your own organic fertilizers or resources on where to buy it in bulk, and the value of worm bins.

Worm bins!  

Talking this over with the family that phrase was repeated over and over by the kids, and Peter, like some kind of chant.  

Oooooh, worm bins!

I am sure it is not too hard to guess what we did for this month's soil building challenge.

Worm bins!  

Peter found a detailed explanation for doing your own Cheap and Easy Worm Bin! (how come worm bins! always has to be said with an exclamation mark?) and realized we had on hand all the materials he needed, except the worms.  He and the kids followed their instructions, drilled holes, shredded newspaper, wet it all down, squeezed out excess water and got a new home all ready to go.  Then they had to wait a few days to get the actual worms because of scheduling conflicts.

Luxury worm condo in the corner of Peter's office
Finally the big day arrived.  Our worms were put into their new luxury condo which now resides in Peter's office.  Really.  He and the kids are thrilled.  I am too.